Compress-2900 High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press

Heavy duty advance design of overload compression spring system, eliminates hydraulic cylinders & accumulator cylinder.

Compress-1000 High Speed Rotary Tablet Press

Electromagnetic Clutch system to protect rotating parts from the starting toque means, less wear to tare.

Compress-2100 High Speed Rotary Tablet Press (GPM Model)

Reverse direction motion protection is provided to avoid major accident.

Compress-LM MINI Rotary Tablet Press

Square GMP table top model.Electronic, digital tablet cum RPM counter.

Compress-400 Rotary Tablet Press

Machine is having heavy duty C.I. body & C.I. middle plate.Easy and more thorough cleaning.

Compress-3600 Double High Speed Rotary Tablet Press

Easy accessibility for quick cleaning and product change over. Precise weight control by calibrated SIEKO dials.

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